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    Selecting correct link

    I've searched the forum and can't seem to find exactly what I need for my rather novice level. I need my script to select a specific link from a results page. The link has the same name as all of the others in the results page and can be in any order. The results are presented in a table with unique identifiers in each row. It looks something like this:

    ShortName FullName LINK
    Sally Sally Smith CLICKHERE
    Sam Sam Smith CLICKHERE

    I need to click on the CLICKHERE link for the row that contains Sam.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Selecting correct link

    If you know the location of the link you want to click on, try the following:

    Browser("CreationTime:=0").Page("micClass:=Page"). WebTable("Results").ChildItem (2, 1, "Link", 0).Click

    Where 2 is the row, 1 is the column, Link is the object and 0 is the index number
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    Re: Selecting correct link

    Based on your requirement you can able to click the 'CLICKHERE' link. Just remember, write a descriptive programming for link object and using index(which starts from 0)to identify the first link. If you want to click all links just put a for loop and write some thing like this:

    For i=0 to rowcnt-1
    Browser(b).page(p).Link("name=:CLICKHERE","index:= "&i).click





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