Hi all,

Can anyone answer my question at the earliest?

I need to capture text from a web page which has 3 pages of text. "Agreement conditions" is the 2nd section of 3 pages. 1.5page -- policies
1.5page -- agreement conditions

My task to capture the text from Policies till it reaches Agreement conditions (i.e.1.5pg), store in a file after removing extra spaces, tab and compress into a text file with no spaces.

Similarly I need to do for the 2nd section. i.e.Agreement Conditions.

Next, I need to concatenate these two text files (1.policies text and 2.agreement conditions text)

Function ParseSpaces(TextIn)
ParseSpaces=Replace(TextIn, , )
While (Instr(ParseSpaces, )>0)
Parsespaces=replace(parsespaces, , )
While (Instr(ParseSpaces,vbNewLine)>0)
Parsespaces=replace(parsespaces, vbNewline,)
While (Instr(parsespaces, vbtab)>0)
Parsespaces=replace(parsespaces, vbtab, )
End function

Similar to this, there are couple more functions which were written already.

I have to capture the text in the above mentioned to pages, compress, concatenate and store in a separate file.

I am allowed to make use of these Library functions.

How do I use these functions as per my needs?

Please provide solution at the earliest.