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    Ambiguous Recognition

    I am trying to specify a WebElement based on the text property of a specific cell in a WebTable in order to convert that cell into a WebElement. However, I'm getting an error saying that there are multiple objects with the exact same description on the page. Is there any way to tell QuickTest to just "Pick One"?

    I've tried specifying multiple extra properties, but QT seems convinced that there are two objects.

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    Re: Ambiguous Recognition

    If you are using DP, specify an "index" attribute in the description. WebElement("text:=foo", "index:=0") will get the first item that matches that text.

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    Re: Ambiguous Recognition

    I just tried that, and it's not working either.

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    Re: Ambiguous Recognition

    You might want to try adding the HTML tag:

    WebElement("innerText:=foo","index:=0","html tag:=SPAN")

    Mark Smith.

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    Re: Ambiguous Recognition

    Already tried it:

    Browser("HICO").Page("HICO - CPSProjectInformation").WebTable("LineNo").WebElem ent ("innertext := "&BeforeUpdateAttempt, "html tag := NOBR", "Class Name := WebElement", "visible := True", "index := 0").Click



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