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    Cannot record webelement


    We have Notes feild to add text .When i click record and write text in that notes field nothing is recodred .When i spy and check it says Object as web element .

    Let me now if u need more information

    Thanks for u r help

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    Re: Cannot record webelement

    is your application a Web Application. I have seen in a lot of applications in which objects which may seem as a WebEdit field may actually be a WebElement.

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    Re: Cannot record webelement

    yes it is a web application .

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    Re: Cannot record webelement


    I think i came across similar situation. The solution which i can suggest you is.

    Instead of recording, try to add the object using object repository and then try to write the script in your qtp.
    Try to identify your object or webelement using innertext and html id.
    This should solve your problem.


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    Re: Cannot record webelement

    use step generator to add the step.

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    Re: Cannot record webelement

    Attaching screen shots.

    Thanks kalesh Step Generateor dosen;t work.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Re: Cannot record webelement

    Can somebody help me out from this.

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    Re: Cannot record webelement

    Try dropping down into low level recording.

    This example sets focus into the Google editbox (in your case it would be the webelement) and then tells QTP to just type text into the page. It'll end up wherever focus was last.

    Browser("Google").Page("Google").WebEdit("q").Clic k 10,10
    Window("Windows Internet Explorer").WinObject("Internet Explorer_Server").Type "type this"

    If you need to get text back out, try GetROProperty on your webelement.



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