Dear all,
I'm actually using the TE add-in and I can't figure out the way of joining keybords by using the SendKey property.
For instance:

TeWindow("TeWindow").TeTextScreen("TeTextScreen"). SendKey ....

According to above example, I need to join the control+t or shift+f5b keyboars:
1) Shift or even control keys are not defined in the SendKey property table
2) If those keys exist, how to match/join a shift+"any key" or even control+"any key" option.
3) As you well know, the .Type property -> TeWindow("TeWindow").TeTextScreen("TeTextScreen"). Type micCtrlDwn + "t" + micCtrlUp is being missed sometimes for the TE object, so I DO need to use the SendKey property. . The idea of using the Type property is an unacceptable solution.

Any clue fellas?
Thanks in advance.