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    QTP 9.5 - ActiveX Objects performance issue


    I am working with automating the tests for a window based application (Developed using VB6.0 & VB.Net) and using QTP 9.5. I am facing a problem while automating the Activex objects available in the application as whenever I try to Spy / Add / Record any ActiveX object, the machine gets freezed and takes 3-5 mins to complete any of those tasks and the same thing happens while running those objects during the runtime.

    My machine's configuration is decent enough (with Pentium 4 & RAM 2.5 GB & Windows XP) and also this happens only with the ActiveX objects and all other objects' identification and it's behaviour during the run time are normal.

    Are there any QTP settings needs to be changed in this regard? Please suggest me..


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    Re: QTP 9.5 - ActiveX Objects performance issue

    Hello Everyone,

    Could you please let me know if you have any suggestions for this issue ?




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