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    QTP Siebel Addin

    I'm not at a client site yet but they want QTP to run on Siebel and on
    Will the addin work on both of these Siebel versions?!?
    All advice greatly welcome

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    Re: QTP Siebel Addin

    which version of QTP and Add-In you are planning to buy??

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    Re: QTP Siebel Addin

    Looks like you're going to be upgrading soon.

    I can tell you from experience that QTP 9.2 and Siebel 7.5 (finance flavour)with the addin work most excellent.
    I left before they upgraded to Siebel Version 8.

    However it looks like they use the Siebel 7.7 (QTP) addin for their Siebel 8.0 testing. So the objects for those 2 versions must be almost identical.
    See this link...

    If in doubt just call your local HP rep, they'll be happy to talk to you.

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    Re: QTP Siebel Addin

    Hi guys,

    i've done some reading on the Siebel Test Automation Module.

    My understanding is that the module will make object recognition easier in QTP but is not mandatory.

    That is you can automate against Siebel using QTP and the Siebel Add-in Only.

    Is that correct?



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