The application is
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There is a widget on the right hand side of our application. (Circles, Meetings, Posts, etc.)
The following code below works on all of the widgets there, except the Library widget, when you are on the "All Files" tab. Here the files in my case are so numerous that there is a a scroll bar.

The object of the code below is to count the rows in the Library widget.
rowFileLibrary is mapped to rows that contain files in the library widget class = library_librarytext widget_select

lstLibrary is mapped to row's parent html id = LibraryAllFilesListContainerDivId

The problem is that I am returned a number from 0-9 for the row count and I have 9 files in this list. Scrolling seems to change the number I am returned, but there seems to be no ryhme or reason to the row count I am getting returned.

'###Code to Run
Set oRow = Browser("browserOpenACircle").Page("Library").WebE lement("rowFileLibrary")
set oList = Browser("browserOpenACircle").Page("Library").WebE lement("lstLibrary")

'Set rowListItems = GetListRowCollection(oRowName, oListName)
Set rowTOProps = oRow.GetTOProperties
Set rowListItems = oList.ChildObjects(rowTOProps)
msgbox rowListItems.Count