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    JavaList object clarification.


    This is regarding changing a value in JavaList object that already has some value. Note:This object allows to both select from the lsit or enter a new value.

    JavaList("Quantity (mm):") already has 100 as its value.

    When the following statement runs,the new value from datatable is appending to the old value.Ex:The JavaList("Quantity (mm):") already has 100 and im selecting 200 from datatable the result is 100200.Is there a way to to delete the existing value 100.

    JavaWindow("CompanyName - QA.*").JavaDialog("Change Order").JavaList("Quantity (mm):").Select DataTable("NewQuantity", dtLocalSheet)


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    Re: JavaList object clarification.

    I dono what is a javalist but for a normal list i am just assuming and replying your question. Use the set focus to focus on the list, delete the values and check the "text" property of the list to see if there is nothing into it and then enter the new value.



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