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    Using AOM to get Current Test Name

    Hello All,
    I am pretty new to OOP and not too slick at it yet. What I want to do is a very easy thing, but I am confused on the syntax.
    I am loading a external datasheet from excel. Depending on which test is calling this datasheet load action, I want to put the datasheet into the local sheet of some specific action. All I want to do is use the AOM to find the current test name. I can't figure out how to refer to the information and all I can find in the help is where you initiate a new automation object which involves starting qtp. I want to access the name property while the test is already running.
    Here is some pseudocode of what I want to do
    Select Case test.name
    case test1
    put ds in that action
    case test2
    put ds in the other action
    end select

    Can someone help me with accessing this AOM?

    Thanks in Advance,

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    Re: Using AOM to get Current Test Name

    You don't need AOM to get the test name. Just use the below one line of code.
    Msgbox Environment("TestName")

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    Re: Using AOM to get Current Test Name

    That was what I needed. Thanks for the help.




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