I am running into a weird problem when updating a single cell in an environment-array. I have found out that I can't really change a single Cell.

Is there a way to directly change the value of a single cell in an environment-array?

If I'll define:
Environment("Path") = "http"

I can change its value doing the following:
Environment("Path") = "http:\\"

However, if I'll define an array:
Dim My_Array(2)
My_Array(0) = "Cell 1"
My_Array(1) = "Cell 2"
My_Array(1) = ""

and then create an Environment-array doing so:

Temp_Array = join(My_Array,"^")
Environment("Env_Array") = split(Temp_Array,"^")

What I have found out is that I can't change the value of
Environment("Env_Array")(2) directly.

I tried to do:
Environment("Env_Array")(2) = "Cell 2"

But that didn't work at all. The value of Environment("Env_Array")(2) stayed the same.

All I was able to do is work-around:

Temp_Array = join(My_Array,"^")
Environment("Env_Array") = split(Temp_Array,"^")

But that would mean that for every change of a single cell I would need to

Any help changing directly the value of a single cell in an Environment-Array would be greatly appreciated.