Hello all,
I saw there are many posts here regarding IE crash and QTP 9.5.
I did some research today:
I installed QTP 9.5 on about 5 machines. some of them were new installations, some of them were QTP upgrade from 9.1.
The results are:
In All the XP OS machines I have IE crash while recording web tests.
In All 2003 Server OS there is no such crash issue.
I would like to know if any of you had ever came to such conclusion and if any of you have any solution for this issue.
I'm having problems dealing the issue with HP support, they are "investigating" the issue, and it takes time...
Thank you for any advice, I really do not want start moving from XP to 2003 Server on some of my machines.
Thank you again,
Wish you all a nice day!