TestMain has reusable 5 actions
Each of these are associated with SOR "AllObjects.tsr" and local(empty though) as well

I am creating TestModule_X which calls on
TMAction01 from TestMain (call to existing action)
TMAction02 from TestMain (call to existing action)
TestModule_X (action specific to test)
TMAction03 from TestMain (call to existing action)

Say after a week, I realise that TMAction01 needs a bitmap checkpoint.
So I open the TMAction01,Use active screen and add a bitmap checkpoint.
I save the test.I see that TMAction01's Local has the new checkpoint, and a new object identified.

My Approach:
- I open the Local Object Repository for TMAction01,then use Export and Replace Local Objects feature to create new "ToMerge_TestAction01.tsr"
- At this point TMAction01 has 2 SOR's associated , "AllObjects.tsr" and "ToMerge_TestAction01.tsr"
- Close the test
- In windows folder structure direclty rename the original "AllObjects.tsr" to "Delete_AllObjects.tsr"
- Now I open the OR Manager , Use OR Merge Tool browse "Delete_AllObjects.tsr" as primary and "ToMerge_TestAction01.tsr" as secondary
- Continue with merge , Then save the merged entity with name "AllObjectFinal.tsr"

Reopen the tests and to check TMAction01 or TestModule_X tests
- The tests are associated with the new updated "AllObjectFinal.tsr" which has new object+Checkpoint

Question : Is this the correct method? Is there no direct way where I can instruct the object and checkpoint found in Local to be added to a SOR , which is used by many tests?

P.S: I know the cut and paste feature to transfer the objects/checkpoints btn shared object repositories.what I want to know is direct Local to Shared ?