I have a WebEdit box that doesn't retain the data when I populate it from the GlobalSheet so I have added it via a variable using the Type Method. This works fine when I step through the code, however, when I run the code it doesn't enter the data. Could someone please help it's driving me crazy, code below:

If not DataTable("Annuity_Increase_NonPR",dtGlobalSheet) = "0" Then

DataTable("Total_NonPRC_Annuity_Override_Amt",dtGl obalSheet) = DataTable("Total_NonPRC_Annuity",dtGlobalSheet) * (1+(DataTable("Annuity_Increase_NonPR",dtGlobalShe et) / 100))

variable =DataTable("Total_NonPRC_Annuity_Override_Amt",dtG lobalSheet)

hwnd = Browser("Exaxe Cas Login Page").GetROProperty("hwnd")


Browser("Exaxe Cas Login Page").Page("Illustrations_200").WebEdit("alteredA nnualNonPRCPayment").Click


Window("hwnd:="&hwnd).Type variable

End If