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    Radio group querry

    I am working on webbased application.In a page there is a radio group.like abcd,efgh,mnop
    if i spy this radio this is showing name property as s1 of first radio button and second as s2and third as s3,if i want select 2 nd one i used below code
    b().P().webradiogroup("name:=abcd",html tag:=INPUT).select 2 but it is not selecting, what could be the problem..

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    Re: Radio group querry

    Index value begins with 0. So if you want to select second radio button then u will have to use 1 rather than 2.
    Snehal Pailkar

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    Re: Radio group querry

    b().P().webradiogroup("name:=abcd",html tag:=INPUT).select "#2"



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