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    QTP Webtable doubt


    I recorded a script where i retreived a dynamic value of type webelement from the webtable.I used the getcelldata(row,col) method , i checked the row and col from the insert output value ..it was working fine earlier but now its giving me ERROR:specified cell not found..can anyone help me ....

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    Re: QTP Webtable doubt

    you should be trying to take information from a cell which is not correct... some tables behave in different ways.. when it happens to me i make some tests to check where does the table has correct values like:

    var1 = Table.GetCellData(0,0)
    var2 = Table.GetCellData(1,0)
    var3 = Table.GetCellData(0,1)
    var4 = Table.GetCellData(1,1)

    and you'll understand which cell you want to work with...



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