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    SwfObject Net form object problem

    I want to select a object see its properties something like
    text or something to that i can check it exists and its
    innertext or something value is what i wanted to be

    the problem

    When I do low level recording
    Window("ssdfsdfsdafsda").WinObject("WindowsForms10 .Window.8.app.0.").Click 21,29
    Window("ssdfsdfsdafsda").WinObject("WindowsForms10 .Window.8.app.0.").Click 4,32
    Window("ssdfsdfsdafsda").WinObject("WindowsForms10 .Window.8.app.0.").Click 27,31
    Window("ssdfsdfsdafsda").WinObject("WindowsForms10 .Window.8.app.0.").Click 27, 30, micRightBtn
    Window("ssdfsdfsdafsda").Window("Window").WinObjec t("WindowsForms10.Window.8.app.0.").Click 49,464
    Window("Window").WinObject("Running Applications").Click 714,15


    SwfWindow("ssdfsdfsdafsda - Health").SwfWindow("xxx Document").SwfObject("SwfObject").Click 3,25
    SwfWindow("ssdfsdfsdafsda - xxx").SwfWindow("Health Check Document").SwfObject("SwfObject").Click 7,28
    SwfWindow("ssdfsdfsdafsda - xxx").SwfWindow("xxx Document").SwfObject("SwfObject").Click 15,29
    SwfWindow("ssdfsdfsdafsda - xxx").SwfWindow("xxxDocument").SwfObject("SwfObjec t").Click 8,28
    SwfWindow("ssdfsdfsdafsda - Health").SwfWindow("Health Check Document").SwfObject("SwfObject").Click 16, 28, micRightBtn

    When I spy using object spy I donot find any unique properties
    See the snapshot below

    And when I used Dot net spy I fined many use full properties but I donot know how them (I know how to use object spys object and properties )
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    Re: SwfObject Net form object problem

    I have attached attachment

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    Re: SwfObject Net form object problem

    I don;t know if it helps, but, are you using .Net Add In?
    I had swf objects there where not recognized properly in QTP without .Net Add In, and I have found that using the .Net Add In - the recognizing problem was solved.

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    Re: SwfObject Net form object problem

    Please look at the attachment at the top ,it will give you clear idea

    1. i have .NET added installed and i am using it aswell

    can you read through the problem and see through the attachment and tell me how this can be resolved

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    Re: SwfObject Net form object problem

    in short when i try to recognige or spy the object

    i donot see the properties of the object
    but i see some properties which are not much use full ( see the snapshot of object spy in attachment)

    But when i spy using .NET Spy i am able to view some meaning ful properties which i can test but i donot know
    how to use them ( see the snapshot of .net spy in the attachment)

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    Re: SwfObject Net form object problem

    If you are looking for how to use properties seen on .NET Spy in code, following code may help you

    SwfWindow("ssdfsdfsdafsda - Health").SwfWindow("xxx Document").SwfObject("SwfObject").Object.WorkItem

    Here "WorkItem" is the name of property that you can see in .NET Spy window.

    Lookout for properties like Text, Value, Enabled etc to achieve your task.

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    Re: SwfObject Net form object problem

    I was on Vacation , trying this out now
    but was not successful , could you please give me your mail id or number so that i can detail you the problem

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    Re: SwfObject Net form object problem

    Hi Chetan garu thanks
    i could do that but i have one more doubt

    I doing DP(Descriptive prog)

    i was wondering

    in this case

    SwfWindow("ssdfsdfsdafsda - Health").SwfWindow("xxx Document").SwfObject("SwfObject").Object.WorkItem

    what do i do with SwfObject how do i
    do frame property value pair



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