I currently have a web application which has a dialog of type Internet Explorer_TridentDlgFrame. I have a webtable and several buttons on the dialog. It takes humongous time to execute the 400 odd lines of code which i have written.

My problem is the code takes lot of time to execute the script which is similar to the problem mentioned in the below thread:


I disabled the smart Identification.
Used the Setting.Webpackage("Replay")=2 before the statements where the code gets slower in execution. It also didn't help.
Also tried setting the QTP Tools -> Options -> Web tab -> Advanced -> Replay Type to Mouse also but even this didn't help. Ofcourse this is same as the above setting through code.

I am using IE 7.0 and QTP 9.5.

Please help me if there is any other work around for this problem.