Do anyone have exp. on QTP Automation on SAP Application?
1. How to record sap transaction from SAP portal?
2. For Example : I have one TCODE to enter in the SAP screen and it should display some informations. And for each tab there are so many fields to validate. and its has one forward and backword arrow(< &gt like this to select the tab.Around 12 tabs are there.and in each tab so many fields are their. How i will do scripting for that.(All r in displayed mode. Means in this mode i have to check by entering that TCODE that all the fields are displayed properly and with proper data. NO need to enter anything))

3. So how to declare all varibales which is in each tab and how i will write script for that.and how to validate those field.

4. After completion of one transaction , below its displaying that "11111 material is created" .. How i will capture that and how i will validate.

5. By excuting some steps some pop up is displayed. for that we have to click ok. How i will validate that and what script i have to write?

Can anyone give some sample script for better understand for me? I am new to SAP Automation.