I'm trying to get a count of certain objects in my program (swfEdit, swfTreeView, etc.), but in using the following code, QTP always returns a count of 0.

************************************************** ********
Set Object_Desc = Description.Create
Object_Desc("micclass").value = "swfEdit"

Set Object_Coll = swfWindow("Window").ChildObjects(Object_Desc)

msgbox Object_Coll.count
************************************************** ********

I tried using the following code to see what QTP was seeing:

************************************************** ********
Set oDesc = Description.Create()
Set children = swfWindow("Window").ChildObjects(oDesc)
cnt = children.Count
Print "Count = " & cnt
For i =0 to (cnt-1)
Print children(i).GetROProperty("micclass") & "-" & children(i).GetROProperty("name")
Set children = Nothing
Set oDesc = Nothing
************************************************** ********

It returns a count of 24 objects, but they all show "WinObject" for the class. In my object repository and when I use the object spy, it shows them as swfEdit, swfTreeView, etc. Am I misunderstanding the use of micclass? What property can I use that will help me count objects based on their .Net class type?