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    Drop down list embedded in a table


    I have a dropdown list embedded in a cell of a grid(table).
    The user has to click once on the cell to get the focus on the dropdownlist and another click to activate and view the drop down list's elements.
    Both the table of type Webtable and the drop down list of type Weblist are being captured by QTP and they are found in the object's repository with the correct Id and name.
    However when i run my scenario i am always getting an error that the weblist object could not be found eventhough in my scenario the focus is on the dwop down list and it is viewable.

    Is there a solution for this problem?

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    Re: Drop down list embedded in a table

    Use Decriptive Programming instead of Object Repositary.
    Use the "ChildItem" and click the object.
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    Re: Drop down list embedded in a table

    I would suggest to depend on the object repository to a certain extent i.e by adding the WebTable object to the OR and then use ChildItem for zeroing in on the WebList.

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    Re: Drop down list embedded in a table

    what prince3105 said is correct you can go ahead with that approach.

    I have few more points which can help along with that.

    when you had captured repository the properties would have been different from when you run.

    you need to use regular expressions and remove un wanted properties from repository.

    You can write function or associate to the weblist such that it first clicks on cell to get focus and then later clicks on drop down list elements.

    Note : Use RegisterUserFunc

    Please check the syntax before you use that and make sure to UnRegister if you are overriding qtp methods, so that you will not have problem later

    praveen Kumar Araveti



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