I have a problem with the Delphi GetCellData method not returning data for the cells. It seems that the cells are referenced correctly (SelectCell works) and although undocumented, I can get the headers back too. Just no data from the grid.

This is the code I am using

<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>
gridWidth = delphiwindow("fmEnquiryContainer").DelphiTable("gr dClients").ColumnCount
gridHeight = delphiwindow("fmEnquiryContainer").DelphiTable("gr dClients").RowCount
print "Grid is " &amp; gridWidth &amp; " columns by " &amp; gridHeight &amp; " rows"

' Row 0 is the header row and although not documented, it does report the headers.
For rowLoop = 0 to gridHeight - 1
rowShow = ""
For columnLoop = 1 to gridWidth - 1
' This selects the cell OK
call delphiwindow("fmEnquiryContainer").DelphiTable("gr dClients").SelectCell(rowLoop, columnLoop)

' This should get the cell value, but doesn't seem to work
cellValue = delphiwindow("fmEnquiryContainer").DelphiTable("gr dClients").GetCellData(rowLoop, columnLoop)

' Add it into the output line
rowShow = rowShow &amp; " - " &amp; cellValue
print "Row " &amp; rowLoop &amp; " = " &amp; rowShow

</pre><hr />