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    any good vbscript debuggers?

    I am looking for a vbscript debugger. I am tired of editing everything in notepad. QTP is mediocre. I need something more than just a text editor. Something like Web-Ed or SplineTech's VBS debugger. Any input or recommendations are appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: any good vbscript debuggers?

    You will get about 100 different views on this.

    I use Notepad++ its free and its stable.
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    Re: any good vbscript debuggers?

    Visual Studio, if available

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    Re: any good vbscript debuggers?

    This is really not a QTP topic. So here is a thread on vbScript board that discusses many editors and debuggers that can be used for developing WSH scripts and its various derivations:


    This is also not a bad forum to get an account on, so you can ask generic vbScript questions.

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