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    Unable to recognize objects in Flex WindowControls

    I have QTP 9.2
    version 9.2..0.0 build 2610

    My specific issue is with MDIWindowControlsContainer and FlexTitleWindow controls.

    Parts of our Flex-App uses MDIWindow which has a controls container(MDIWindowControlsContainer) - contains minimize,maximize,close(which has been customized by us to show our icons) .. QTP does not seem to recognize these(even if I were to remove the customization). It recognizes all objects within the window itself but does not 'know' any of the windows controls.
    The same issue exists with the FlexTitleWindow - The contents of FlexTitleWindow is recognized fine but the 3 controls are not.
    Not sure if my statement of my problem was clear enough, If someone has worked with similar controls please let me know.


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    Re: Unable to recognize objects in Flex WindowControls


    My issue is similar. I am working with a FlexTitleWindow as well. But I can't seem to script it. QTP doesn't recognize it when it is in record mode and I click to open it. (Even though the FlexTitleWindow does open when clicked.)

    What I have determind is when I click on Tab from the previous field it opens the FlexTitleWindow.

    Now I am trying to figure out how to script a "tab" event in an Oracle Web application.

    I wish I could have been more of assistance, but just know that you are not alone here. Maybe using tab to tab into the FlexTitleWindow field may open it for you.




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