I am developing a CustomServer for a 3rd party .NET control. I have developed record and replay functionality for the .Type method that adequately mimics things like .Type micEsc, .Type micCtrlDwn + "z" + micCtrlUp (for Undo). For these I used the SendKeys method. I also need to implement the same functionality for micCtrlDwn, micShiftDwn, and micAltDown. I need the ability to have on one line ...SwfObject("Model View").Type micShiftDwn as to have this act as the Shift button has been held down for one or more subsequent lines until the script encounters a ...SwfObject("Model View").Type micShiftUp in which the application and script acts as though the Shift button has been released. Has anyone had any experience in this case?

Currently using QTP, .NET 9.1.