Hi All,

I need some suggetion on running QTP Scripts from QC.

I have automated my test cases using QTP and have kept in local machine (not in QC). I want to just run a calling script from QC (which will typically be same for all test cases, but i will pass TC ID to the called script) to run my test cases. I will make duplicates of the same script to run all my test cases.

I want to set all QTP settings (Options, Settings, Recovery manager, Environment variables) before QC invokes scripts in QTP. Currently i doing this from a vb script which will do all initialization and then open my driver script and then execute all the test cases.

I don't want to use any hardcoded path (Action Call) in my scripts. I will be changing the location of scripts in my local machine also. How can i call a local script from QC without using hardcoded path any of the scripts?

If this is already documented or answered in this forum, please point me to there.