I'm currently moving my scripts from the file system into QC. As a result I'm changing test settings, such as which function library to use, and I'm also adding Test Parameters to some of the tests for easier updating within QC.

Probably about half (maybe slightly more) of the time I make any changes in the File | Settings dialog, they are not being saved. The changes I've just pressed 'Apply' to are lost, and to complete my annoyance, no test will then run until I restart QTP (I press run and say where to save the results, but then nothing happens). The test is always open in writable mode, and changes to the actual script do get saved OK.

Is this a known issue that others have had (I couldn't find anything during a search earlier, but I may have been using the wrong search phrase), and if so, is there any way to reduce the likelihood of it happening?

I am using QTP 9.2.