Hello Guys,

I am not able to add inpount and outpoint from xml file. In the XMl file recorded 3 clips name wihich is Clip1, Clip2 and Clip3 and they have 3 different inpoint and outpoint. I want to add inpoint and outpoint separately in the variable inPTotal and OutPTotal. when I run my code it is not showing any error and doesn't show any output I have no ideo where I am doing mistake. Code is the part of QTP script. I dont have good programming skills thats why I cant solve this.

If any one help me I really appriciate you

XML File like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO8859-1" ?>
- <KLAMATH type="deckcapturelog" version="1">
<TAPENAME tapename="Tape1" />
- <RECORDLIST fps="30" timecodewrapping="nowrap">
<RECORD clipname="Clip1" comment="" enable="-1" inpoint="00:07:33;18" outpoint="00:20:38;14" tapename="Tape1">1</RECORD>
<RECORD clipname="Clip2" comment="" enable="-1" inpoint="00:07:33;18" outpoint="00:20:38;14" tapename="Tape1">2</RECORD>
<RECORD clipname="Clip3" comment="" enable="-1" inpoint="00:07:33;18" outpoint="00:20:38;14" tapename="Tape1">3</RECORD>

In this code I dont have addition function because I cant reach on Record node.

VBScript Code:

Dim xml, Record
Set xml = CreateObject("MSXML.DOMDocument")
test1 = xml.load("C:\note.xml")
msgbox test1

Set Record = xml.getElementsByTagName("Record")
for each Record in Record
set attributes = Record.attributes
WScript.Echo "clipname:", attributes.getNamedItem("clipname").nodeValue

nodetypes = array("property", "method", "event")

for each nodetype in nodetypes
set elements = xml.getElementsByTagName("Record")
If elements.length > 0 Then
WScript.Echo nodetype, "clipname:"
msgbox Record
For each element in elements
set attributes = element.attributes
WScript.Echo vbTab & attributes.getNamedItem("inpoint").nodeValue

End If

Thanks for your help