Hi, all. I am hoping the community might be able to give me hand with something...

We are currently using a Delphi-based third-party app that have heavily modified through customization scripting of QTP difficult due to the fact we cannot compile the app and it is heavily modified at runtime via customization scripts. As a result, the Delphi plug-in doesn't appear a solution. We will most likely end up automating the app with WR (as Hp recommends).

There is a .Net version of the app, and we are attempting to gather justification to move our IT department to it. Automating the .Net version with QTP and the correct plug-in would likely be much faster/easier than using the "WR on Delphi" approach.

I am looking for anecdotal evidence describing how much easier script creating/maintenance are with QTP as compared to WR. My hope is I can illustrate the cost/time savings in a semi-real number (an approximate guess?) when using the two products to automate the same or a similar app. Obviously, I can create scripts with both and compare them, but this isn't really very useful as it isn't a real world example.

Thank you for insight and assistance.