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    Issue in SwfToolbar -> GetItemProperty()

    Dear all,

    I'm facing a problem in the below line of code, in which i need to check the button property is enable or disable, in the swftoolbar, but when i execute the script i got Run Error, "The Parameter is incorrect".

    I've tried with "<Name of the Button>" instead of index value, for that also the same error.

    SwfWindow("ProVation MD").SwfToolbar("ScheduleButtonsTbar").GetItemProp erty(1,"enabled")


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    Re: Issue in SwfToolbar -> GetItemProperty()

    I am facing exactly the same issue.
    Did any one got the solution to this issue. If yes, I would appreciate, if you could post the solution.

    QTP Inside Out

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    Re: Issue in SwfToolbar -> GetItemProperty()

    The error will occur when there is no item in that index value. Pass the exact number
    It works fine for me



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