I'm using a fresh install of QTP 9.5 (fresh = uninstalled from C:\ and installed on D:\)

I'm testing an Export java app, which shows customer data in a javatable. My issue is the javatable shows up as empty after recording.

Here's the flow:
> Record the app, click various cells, end recording
> Inserting standard checkpoint from the active screen, generates this:

As you can see it's empty.
What baffles me is, that when running the test QTP has no problem navigating in the javatable (ie. .JavaTable("table").selectRow "#2" works fine).

GetCelldata also works flawlessly, but no matter what, the javatable remains as seen above when accesed from the active screen.

Only way to get the data to show after recording, is to insert an Output value during recording. This not only shows data for the newly recorded javatable, but for all javatables (incl. those that looked like the pic above).

As you can see, I have ways to get around this problem, but I would like to know if anyone has had similar experiences?
Any feedback on this issue is welcomed [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]