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    VB Script Help in Object Creation

    HI all ,

    I have seen such code in many places to work with

    1. excel
    2. Folder

    1. Set objXL_OP = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
    'On Error Resume Next
    objXL_OP.Visible = True
    Set objWb_OP = objXL_OP.Workbooks.Open(testfile1) 'Open the workbook
    Set objWb_OP = objXL_OP.WorkSheets("Sheet1") 'Select the first worksheet

    2. Set fsoFolder = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    Set folder = fsoFolder.GetFolder("C:\QC Request Validator\QC Automation Request Forms")
    Set files = folder.Files
    for each objFile in files
    sName = objFile.Name

    I want to know where can i find documentation for which objects can be created and what all operations can be done on them .

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    Re: VB Script Help in Object Creation

    A simple google search for keyword "createObject" gave me numerous relevant and informative results!

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