While surfing through forum I encountered to a thread asking for Drag & Drop scripts but as I was thinking that, this is purely a AUT specific request so generalizing concept could not be so possible though I have created a sample script which uses a common iGoogle interface, it may give the Idea to start with.

<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>
'Url :: http://www.google.com/ig
'usage : Add Gmail widget to your webpage which has "m_46_h" ID or add anything but you should know the ID

Function DefineObj(myobjID)
set IndicatorDesc = Description.Create()
IndicatorDesc("micclass").Value = "WebElement"
IndicatorDesc("html id").value = myobjID 'id of gmail widget
IndicatorDesc("html tag").value = "Div"
set mywidget = Browser("iGoogle").Page("iGoogle").webelement(Indi catorDesc)
End Function

Function DefineLocation(location_id)
set mainDiv = Description.Create()
mainDiv("micclass").Value = "WebElement"
mainDiv("html id").value = location_id 'id center Div
mainDiv("html tag").value = "Div"
set MainObj = Browser("iGoogle").Page("iGoogle").webelement(main Div)
End Function

Function DragObj(objID,LocationID)
Call DefineObj(objID)
Call DefineLocation(LocationID)
End Function

Call DragObj("m_46_h","c_2") 'm_98_h for date &amp; time widget

</pre><hr />

Hope this efforts will help !

Manish Bansal