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    How to get GetROProperty by variable???

    I have to get an object runtime property based on some criteria. I may need to have different property of same object based on my requirements doc.

    I have written code similar to this...

    Var1="default value"
    Var1="items count" etc

    for A=1 to B

    Msgbox ABC


    Is it possible to do like this????

    if i use like ..
    ABC=Browser().Page().Object().GetROProperty("defau lt value") .....then it's working. If I use like in the above for loop, then I get empty value.

    I have tried even like this..

    gt="default value"
    var1=Chr(34)&gt&Chr(34). Same issue...

    Pl let me know if I am doing some thing wrong....


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    Re: How to get GetROProperty by variable???

    Not sure what are you trying to do here.

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    Re: How to get GetROProperty by variable???

    There is no problem in what you are doing. It's should work.

    At least it works in my case. check out following..

    <font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>
    Dim Prop
    Prop = "name"
    msgbox Browser("Google").Page("Google").WebButton("Google Search").GetROProperty(Prop)
    </pre><hr />
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    Re: How to get GetROProperty by variable???

    It should work fine, just remember that the property you ask for is case sensitive.

    Try using the debugger with breakpoints to see inside the code, there could be an obvious mistake somewhere

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    Re: How to get GetROProperty by variable???

    Works OK for me:

    ABC=Browser("micClass:=Browser").GetROProperty(Var 1)
    MsgBox ABC

    Mark Smith.

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    Re: How to get GetROProperty by variable???


    Thanks for your reply on this.It's working now.The problem was a space in assigning value to a variable.

    Tarun---I have written code (2000 plus lines) which would read the values from xls sheet to built the whole executable sentence( Browser.page...etc) based on the object class it will pick the appropriate method to be executed. All the test cases are built in excel.

    So during this process I have to update the code for FF &amp; AJAX and got into this stupid problem.

    Thanks again for your reply!!




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