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    Function with 2 parameters

    While compilation of a function with two arguments with paranthesis there is a error "Cannot use paranthesis when calling a Sub" (it is working fine without paranthesis) When the same function is passed with one parameter and enclosed with paranthesis it works fine. Any idea on this behaviour? Just curious to know

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    Re: Function with 2 parameters

    When you call a sub with parameters enclosed in paranthesis, use Call statement or do not use paranthesis. Its vbscript basics

    <ul type="square">
    Correct[*]Call Sub1 (param1, param2)
    Incorrect[*]Sub1 (param1, param2)

    Incorrect[*]Call Sub1 param1, param2
    Correct[*]Sub1 param1, param2[/list]

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    Re: Function with 2 parameters

    Thanks for your response Suchit

    My curiosity is why is it working fine when I am passing the argument WITH paranthesis for a SINGLE argument and fails to recognise when there are two arguments

    Function("arg1") - Works fine
    Function("arg1, "arg2") - throws the "Cannot use paranthesis when calling a Sub" error

    call Function("arg1", "arg2") works fine



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