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    update the status of teh steps inside the tescase

    I am trying to upadte the status of the steps inside the particular testcase in QC but am getting an error "Object doesn't support DesignStepFactory".The code for teh same is at the end of teh below code
    Note: able to update teh status of the testcase not its steps.

    Could you please help me on this issue?


    Dim udv_tdc ' to use as Test Directory object
    Dim udv_qcServer '' the QC server path

    qcUser = "xxx"
    qcPassword = "xxx"
    qcDomain = "xxx"
    qcProject = "xxx"

    udv_qcServer = "xxx"
    Set udv_tdc = CreateObject("TDApiOle80.TDConnection")
    udv_tdc.InitConnectionEx udv_qcServer

    ''Loging the username and password
    udv_tdc.Login qcUser, qcPassword
    ''connecting to the domain and project
    udv_tdc.Connect qcDomain, qcProject

    'now navigate to the corresponding folder
    Set TSetFact = udv_tdc.TestSetFactory
    Set tsTreeMgr = udv_tdc.TestSetTreeManager
    Set TestSetFolder=tsTreeMgr.NodeByPath(udv_RootFolder)
    msgbox TestSetFolder.name

    'Get the testset name

    set tsff = TestSetFolder.TestSetFactory.Filter
    set tsl = tsff.NewList()
    msgbox tsl.count
    msgbox tsl(i).name

    '' to navigated to the testcases.....and get the testcase count
    Set ts = tsl.Item(i)
    Set tstff = ts.TSTestFactory.Filter
    Set tcase=tstff.NewList()
    msgbox tcase.count
    msgbox tcase(i).name

    'Update the status of testcase
    tcase(i).Field("TC_STATUS")= "Failed"
    msgbox tcase(i).Field("TC_STATUS")

    'Update the status of steps inside the testcase
    Set steps = tcase.Item(i)
    Set t_step = steps.DesignStepFactory.Filter
    Set step_list=t_step.NewList()
    msgbox step_list.count
    msgbox step_list(i).name

    step_list(i).Field("DS_STATUS")= "Failed"
    msgbox step_list(i).Field("DS_STATUS")

    ''Closing the TD connection


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    Re: update the status of teh steps inside the tesc

    Duplicate of this.



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