I am evaluating QuickTest and I have found an issue I am not sure how to solve.
There is a window in the app under test that contains a plain MFC TreeView. The app under test uses a Load on Demand strategy. From my basic understanding, the purpose of the strategy is to reduce the amount of time the app will be unresponsive when initialising the view (25 seconds to init the tree before load on demand was implemented). In the strategy only the parent node is initialised with the name, data etc, and one dummy child node is inserted. When the user clicks the expand button in the TreeView the OnBeforeExpand() method of the TreeView class is used to populates the children of the expanded node.

This strategy seems to cause the test case recorder an issue! The recorded script contains the names of the child nodes after they have been expanded!

When the script is run, the "SysTreeView32" Expand method does not result in the Child nodes being added.

Has anyone else had this problem?
What did you do to work around the issue?

Thanks in advance,