I am using Ericom's PowerTerm as Terminal emulator for a text based applcation. I am using QTP 9.5 version.

Few issues:

1. How to enable HLLAPI and set up short session Name as "A" in QTP-TE addin config wizard flowPowerTerm Documentation does not have any thing specific in this regard.

2. While configuring HLLAPI --
a. I am able to correctly set dll file path, Entry point function
b. I am not sure what type of support HLLAPI of PowerTerm provides -- Extended gives error hence I can set either "auto-detect" or "classic" or "text only".

For getting field level control in TE based apps - I believe we should have "extended" support or else text only support will only given screen level control. Is this true?
c. In step of the wizard after this ... I am able to see the text as seen in the TE (meaning config) is successful....

Any problem till this point? Note enabling HLLAPI and setting session name to "A" is still not done.

Now, I am checking what happens when I record...

• Launch Terminal emulator, start session.
• Launch QTP (with terminal emulator addin enabled) , create a new test, select any open windows application option and start recording
• Get the focus to TE window by clicking on the TE window title bar (this click will not be recorded – crazy and strange)
• Start entering the inputs in TE application fields by keyboard. Expect the data to be recorded at field level (nothing is recorded – crazy again)
• Do a mouse click (mouse not to be used in TE app) – Mouse clicks are recorded as click at x,y coordinate in TE screen

•Mouse clicks are recorded – but not keyboard data
•What could be the problem?
•QTP is not recognizing the keyboard entries inside TE window

My colleagues tell me that HP may not support a Non Pre-Configured Terminal emulators ... Any one here using such non-pre-configured TE's .... with so many ways of using TE ... HP should provide some kind of utility which can extract all required data from TE installation folder (HLLAPI etc) and present the output in a text file so that one can work with such TE's easily without bothering HP so much ....

This is particularly important as HP can not cover all TEs and procedure to configure QTP- TE addin then becomes dependent on the type of TE used.Then, such utility can help.