Hi All,

I am using QTP 9.1 and my application is developed in VB6 and its a client server application. But the application contains many third party control and i am facing problem in creating scripts. I am mainily facing problem in "tabstrip" and "AlexGrid".
The syntax for tabstrip

VbWindow("frmPresManager").VbWindow("XXXModelessDi alog").ActiveX("XXXX.ufrmMBMember").ActiveX("TabSt rip").Click 86,24

I even trid to use virtual object but was not possible.

The syntax for "AlexGrid"
VbWindow("frmPresManager").VbWindow("NNNNdalDialog _2").ActiveX("MNNNNWiz.ufrmMbEnrolWiz").ActiveX("V VVV.ucIsoSelector").AcxTable("True OLE DBGrid 6 Control").SelectCell 1,1

Even if i record and play the script it does not run for the second time. I am using VB Basic addin.

Can any one help in this? Does it require any additional addin in QTP. Sometimes QTP even does not record normal vb element what can be the reason???