Alright people, I start to be fed up with HP ALM software, first the upgrade to 12.50 was a pain and took us long time to figure out some problems we encountered because HP CS didn't know about them.

Now new problems appears while trying to add the hosts to the main ALM instance.

I'm getting "Host's installation invalid".

I've checked already:

  1. Uninstall and reinstall PC HOST
  2. Deactivate DEP, UAC, and Firewall (on all the ALM machines)
  3. Configure the HOST as a Standalone LG (this works, but only as Load Generator, while we need Data Collector and Controller to run the tests)
  4. Check that all the necessary ports (8731, 54345, 54245) are in listening and open (they all are)
  5. Check that all the right services (Performance Center Load Testing Service, Performance Center Agent Service, Remote Management Agent Service, Data Collection Agent) are running (they all are, we even restarted all of them singularly, and with a system restart)
  6. do a clean installation of everything on new clean systems
  7. The HOST machines doesn't have the IIS -> COULD THIS BE THE PROBLEM?

This is HP Suggestion (from their Knowledge base):

Hostís installation is invalid

The communication channel is blocked by any security policy

  1. Disable DEP (Data execution prevention). See Here for specific steps.
  2. Disable UAC. See Here for specific steps .
  3. Make sure that the Windows firewall is disable.
  4. Reboot the machine.

Absolutely nothing of this fixed our problem!

Can anyone please help? It's really important!

Thank you all