i am getting below error during recording , any idea wht may be the reson

Network Analyzer (10c4:1a58)] Address lookup for sgpdwmvdi007493 =
[Network Analyzer (10c4:1a58)] Request Connection: Remote Server @ (Service=) (Sid= 6) PROXIED!
[Net An. Error (10c4:16c0)] SSL_connect(ssl_id = 102720784 = 061F6510) Failed, ctx = 06200680, err = "SSLv2/v3 read server hello A", err code = 5
[Network Analyzer (10c4:16c0)] (Sid: 4) Negotiate Proxy -> Server SSL Handshake (ssl:TLSv1, ciphersNONE))
[Network Analyzer (10c4:16c0)] (Sid: 4) Negotiate Client -> Proxy SSL Handshake (ssl:TLSv1, ciphers:RC4-MD5)