Hi all,

I have a problem, and a pretty bad one.

License info so you won't go nuts: On this particular SiteScope server we have 11.01 installed and 1500 points, and on "my" Loadrunner 11.03 controller we have a 2000 global VU license.

We are testing a Tuxedo service and I would like to monitor the service using SiteScope. I have set the WSNADDR and TUXDIR environment variables (system wide, not for the user, as per the docs) on the SiteScope server, and I have figured out the Connection Data to be used as well.

When I press Get Counters I always get this error message:

Error Code: 31008. Error Description: Error getting counters : Failed to get browse data. Error code: -1. Description: Could not connect to application server. Reason: TPESYSTEM - internal system error. [MsgId: MMSG-96006]

[/ QUOTE ]

The interesting bit is that I can use the exact same data to get the Loadrunner Tuxedo monitor going on the Loadrunner controller - same WSNADDR, Connection Data, user, and so on. Tuxedo WS client installation is the same on all Windows boxen around (agency wide standard).

Using the Loadrunner Tuxedo monitor would be all nice and an acceptable solution if it weren't for the fact that Loadrunner dies horribly whenever I have the Tuxedo monitor enabled, often writing garbage into my scenario file rendering it unusable.

Any pointers here? Next stop would be to file a support issue with HP, but I have my doubts about their ability to actually help out.