I have some Oracle Universal Connection Pool (UCP) related mbeans that are changing part of the name every time Tomcat is restarted. This breaks the Sitescope config.

I hoped I could replace the dynamic part of the name with a regex wildcard, but have been unsuccessful.

Has anyone else come across something like this?

Sitescope 9.0 build 911

File where mbean config is stored:


Line with the dynamic value that matters (server/company name X'd out:

oname=oracle.ucp.admin.UniversalConnectionPoolMBea n:name=UniversalConnectionPoolManager-7008418247360095558-2-XXXXXXX.net

This is the value that changes on restart:

I attempted this and a few variations, but no success:

oname=oracle.ucp.admin.UniversalConnectionPoolMBea n:name=UniversalConnectionPoolManager\-.*\-2-XXXXXXX.net