I am trying to get the return values from <font color="red"> TWO </font> QTP scripts called from Winrunner.

The QTP scripts are called in succession. Both the script results report "PASS". However, only the first script rc value is 0. The 2nd script's rc value is -1 . I ran the 2nd QTP script on a "Stand-alone" scenario. It reports "PASS" - on the QTP results window. But when I call the same script after the first QTP script, it fails.

The functionality of the frist QTP script:
1. Run a series of bitmap checkpoints.

The functionality of the second QTP script:
1. Looks for the Adobe Pdf window.
2. Searches for the text.
3. Pass condition is determined if "Search text not found window" appears in the first attempt.

Here is the psuedo code of my WR script
rc1 = call_ex(" <font color="red"> FileName1 </font> ",1,0); # I leave the QTP session open

rc2 = call_ex(" <font color="red"> FileName2 </font> ",1,0); # I leave the QTP session open

# rc1 = 0
# rc2 = -1

I am not sure if I should post it in QTP or WR! Any inputs/thoughts on why rc = -1, even though the call script passes?