We have developed a .NET framework for automation tests. Within which WR is invoked in batch mode on the interface. A user can use the suite to trigger WR to run a batch test wherein WR is initialised, run and closed on iterations. My question is has anyone worked in this kind of architecture and seen any issues. On the other hand can anyone comment on potential issues on this integration. The reason I ask this is on WR run we parse through a lot of Excel files and during the suite run I see a lot of Excel crash errors (in addition to IE errors that folks who know me are aware of) One thing I know of is WR doesnt support .NET application tests. Any feedback would be of great help.
bpolitzer & Tony - I had put in the exception to catch IE errors (pskill.exe) and kill IE, but WR is still not capturing that the browser is inoperable. Hang mode for IE is when you see the status bar filled in with all the blocks and the page is visible but inoperable.