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    WinRunner 9.2 errors on tbl_set_selected_cell

    Windows XP Service Pack2
    WinRunner 9.2
    Using Built in Add-ins (Active X and Visual Basic)

    Have many tests that have been running fine on WinRunner 7.6. Installed WinRunner 9.2, our tests seem to be running OK EXCEPT any that use the "tbl_set_selected_cell" or "tbl_activate_cell" functions. Whenever these functions are called, for example:
    tbl_set_selected_cell ("TrueDBGrid70.TDBGrid", "#1","#4");
    the following error is given:

    Error: Operation is not appropriate for this widget_class."

    Were using these functions to select/activate cells within grids. The grids seem to be recognized fine in the GuiSpy/GuiMapEditor and none of the properties/physical descriptions have changed at all.
    MSW_class: "TrueOleDBGrid70.TDBGrid"

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: WinRunner 9.2 errors on tbl_set_selected_cell

    If it is Visual Basic, I am going to make an assumption that you have compliled in the addin for VB to execute and interact with VB.

    I don't have access to WinRunner any longer, but did you check on the revision of the VB add for 9.2? They may have made improvements/changes which mean the new addin should be included in the application compile.
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