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    tbl_get_selected_cell / tbl_get_selected_cell

    When I use the tbl_get_selected_cell/tbl_get_selected_row to retrieve the row number selected in a particular table, I get the retun value -10103 (E_IMPROPER_CLASS). Is there any prerequisite to using these functions? Is there a workaround to get it working?


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    Re: tbl_get_selected_cell / tbl_get_selected_cell

    How to find out about the availability of a function:
    1. find the function in the help (e.g. by positioning the cursor into the function in a script and pressing F1)
    2. Click on the Availabilty button in the help window.

    Concerning the tbl_get_selected_*-functions the Availabilty being displayed is:

    [ QUOTE ]

    This function is supported for WinRunner with Java support. It is supported for the following Java toolkit packages: JFC, EWT (Oracle), and KLG.
    This function is supported for WinRunner with Oracle, PowerBuilder, or Siebel support.
    This function is supported for the following ActiveX controls: ... (List of controls)

    [/ QUOTE ]


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    Re: tbl_get_selected_cell / tbl_get_selected_cell

    Infact functions such as tbl_get_cell_data, tbl_get_rows_count and tbl_get_cols_count which have the same availability as that of tbl_get_selected_* works fine with my table.

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    Re: tbl_get_selected_cell / tbl_get_selected_cell

    They have almost the same availability, but tbl_get_cell_data supports furthermore:

    + Visual Cafe
    + supported for WebTest

    Could you tell us more about your application under test?


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    Re: tbl_get_selected_cell / tbl_get_selected_cell

    Sure. It is a web based application. The table that I am referring to is embedded in a window that appears on clicking an icon in the application window. Other details about the table are as follows: -
    class: object
    MSW_class: html_table

    There are no entries in the ActiveX tab. One of the entries in the table is selected by deafault. My requirement is to prove that it is this entry that is selected even after selecting another entry, clicking on the Cancel button and reopening the window.
    There is one peculiar observation that I'd like to mention. When I spy the table, the boundary line (the rectangle that highlights the object on spying) emcompasses the table we are referring to, but it also extends beyond the table. In fact the the rectangle extends beyond the window opened and I am unable to see the lower half of the boundary. However, as I mentioned earlier, other table functions such as tbl_get_rows_count, tbl_get_cols_count etc. work well on the table.

    Do let me know if you need any more details regarding the object and where I can get that information.


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    Re: tbl_get_selected_cell / tbl_get_selected_cell

    How is an entry selected? Is it a check-box or a radio button or is it shown via background colour?

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    Re: tbl_get_selected_cell / tbl_get_selected_cell

    [ QUOTE ]
    This function is available for WinRunner with Java Add-in support. It is supported for the following Java toolkit packages: JFC, Visual Cafe, and KLG.
    This function is supported for WinRunner with Oracle or PowerBuilder support.
    This function is not supported for WebTest .
    This function is supported for the following ActiveX controls:

    [/ QUOTE ]

    The help documentation (tsl online ref) does not explicitly state one way or the other about tbl_get_selected_cell and its applicability for Web (as you quoted above), however,

    Rows and Cells of tables in Web do not have a "selected" attribute or property that WinRunner could use to determine if it is selected. In fact, I'm really curious to see how a row in your table is "selected" at all.

    I'm guessing that tbl_get_selected_ is probably not the function that is needed for your task.

    To reiterate Juleo_2607 question... How do you know when a row or cell in your application is "selected"?




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