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    WinRunner vs QTP on 16-bit app

    I had a 16-bit app that needed automation. When I tried to automate the app with QTP it just stalled and when I tried it with WinRunner it went just fine. I was wondering if anyone has any facts that would support my finding in my case which that WinRunner was a better automation tool for the 16-bit app.

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    Re: WinRunner vs QTP on 16-bit app

    your best facts would be to go thorugh the documentation and see what the supported application bit-levels which are stated.

    The issue comes down to even though you have done a simple test, you haven't truely found out that WR will do all that you need; and personal experiences vary by milage. Every application is going to be different, so what other might have had with success or failure on 16-bit apps in the past probably won't correlate to your situation.

    Going through the supplied documentaiton for WR, and doing further testing on your application with WR will prove out if it is the correct tool for your app or not.
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    Re: WinRunner vs QTP on 16-bit app

    QTP does not support 16-bit apps (response from then MI), we chose to use QTP on a vb application(16-bit) and had quite a number of problems with the same.

    Many objects were not recognosed and had to have work arounds for them. dont know abt WR though...
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