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    Kill the windows service with TSL


    I m doing automation for a project where it is collection of windows services. I need TSL function to kill (not stopping) the service from task manager before starting any service.

    Can anyone pl help me out

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Kill the windows service with TSL

    Maybe Tony's code in this thread will be helpful:



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    Re: Kill the windows service with TSL

    To get the name of the executable from the service name, look at the registry:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\& lt;service_name>\ImagePath

    A GetRegistryValue function is located here:


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    Re: Kill the windows service with TSL


    Thanks for ur early response...... i had look at that but i m not that good enough to catch it... could u pl send me function to kill the service for the below example...(if u find time)

    Service name: XYZ
    Location: D:\Services


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    Re: Kill the windows service with TSL

    The fourth post down in that link spells it out.

    The functions I originally posted in that thread are functions you can use with WinRunner to kill a process - also there are links where you need to download the pskill.exe application from sysinternals (now from Microsoft).

    Not sure what more you are wanting, and I am not sure what more I can give in addition to the information in the code to help someone, other than doing their job for them.
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