Hi there,

I've got to test a delphi app with several grids based on TStringGrid. I need some content of individual cells, rows or columns. I've tried dlph_obj_get_info like this:
rc=dlph_obj_get_info("StringGrid1","RowCount",Rows );
The only two properties I can retrieve are RowCount & ColCount. Every other property is unknown and rc is -10006 (...invalid parameter...).
We have created a very simple Delphi app with just such a grid, which I could provide for trying it out.

Yes, I have delphi support activated in WR8.2. And Yes, the TestSvr is compiled into the app.

Mercurys KB entry 4704 offers an rather old example, which does not work for me.
I found a message with the help of Google that stated, one has to compile the delphi app with debug info, but this was true from the begin on.

IS there anything basically I am missing?